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This is, geographically, a broad category, as it covers from Jura in the Sourthern Hebrides, up to Highland Park on Orkney.
Many of the whiskies are distilled and matured by the sea, but don’t always be expecting a briney dram. Citrus, heather, honey and peat smoke can all make an appearance in these whiskies.

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DistilleryRegionNameAge / Yr / VintageABVSizePriceBuyhf:att:pa_distillery
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The Islands

Island Whisky

Despite being considered part of the Highland regions by the Scotch Whisky Regulations, we categorise the whisky produced on the Islands around the perimeter of the Scottish mainland as ‘Island’.

This excludes Islay, as it has enough distilleries, heritage and identity to (rightly) be a region of it’s own.

The Island region includes; Isle of Arran, Lewis, Mull, Orkney, Jura and Skye. Geographically, this covers many miles from the furthest in the south west to the furthest in the north east..!

The whiskies produced on the Islands are extremely varied and have few similarities, though can often be distinguished from other whisky regions by generally having a smokier flavour with peaty undertones.


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