Vintage and Dated

Birthdays, special anniversaries or meaningful gifts – let us help you by sourcing a bottle of whisky distilled on the date of a key occasion.

We use stock from our own cellars or links in the industry to find you something special – whether it’s a 1972 Brora from the year you were born, or a 1992 Port Ellen to commemorate the year you got married. Just ask, and we will advise on what we feel we can do.

We often manage to get our hands on rare and collectors’ whisky too. Sometimes it’s bottles only available from the distillery, and other times it’s bought from our trade contacts.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we will advise on what we can do.

Brora 1972 Rare Malt

Rare and Old

Limited edition and distillery-only bottles from our collection or our network of suppliers, experts and collectors.

Lost Distilleries

Bottles from legendary distilleries long since closed, mothballed or sadly, demolished.

Birth-date Bottles

Age statements or distilling dates to match a year of birth, landmark birthday celebration or wedding anniversary. Go on, treat someone...!

Complete your collection

Missing a 'Lord of the Isles' or a 'Freya'? Let us know what you need to complete your collection and we can advise on how we could help.

Rare and Old Enquries

Use this form to contact us specifically about Rare & Old whisky.

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