Benrinnes, Flora and Fauna Series, 15 y.o.

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A rich, sweet and smooth single malt whisky which sees Benrinnes’ fresh, green estery Speyside characteristics subsumed in its dark aromas. This nicely textured single malt is rich and luscious with meaty and savoury characteristics.


Full-bodied, with a very smooth mouthfeel.


A rich nose, presenting an early impression of chocolate liqueurs – perhaps rum filled, although there is a light sherry-wood note as well. Light smokiness, and a dense floral note. ‘Vintage car upholstery’ describes it best. An evocative combination of old leather, oil, burnt rubber and exhaust fumes. With water, similar but fresher; polished wood, a piney note. Still a heavy nose. The vintage car leather scents persist when further reduced – at which a faint mustiness creeps in.


Richly sweet, full, rum-like, with a centre palate impact. In spite of the sweetness, not cloying.


Dries out slightly in the finish, where there is also a ‘catch’ which might be taken for peat-smoke. Medium length, leaving a faintly sherried aftertaste.

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