Ardbeg Ardcore

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Ardcore Limited Edition is 2022’s ‘Ardbeg Day’ release.

Ardcore is about a front-end innovation, distilled from a ground-breaking black malt barley, as oppose to previous years (back-end innovation relying on cask maturation).
Black malt is one of the most roasted you could get, with kiln temperatures so high it needs to be tightly monitored. If it rises above 250°C, the malt can turn to charcoal and catch fire..!

Colour: Pale, translucent gold.

Nose: Spicy, savoury and ‘grippy’, with an explosion of savoury marmite/yeast, burnt toast and charcoal and chicory (camp fire) unfused coffee grounds. The classic Ardbeg herbal/fennel top note is present but very much in the background of the swirling, smoky bonfire and molasses notes.

Taste: An astonishing, spicy, fiery palate leads into an explosion of rich, powerful flavours – cocoa powder, rich dark chocolate, peanut brittle toffee, smoked lime and a suggestion of soot and bonfire embers.

Finish: There is a lot of liquorice/aniseed, along with some altogether sweeter, malty/biscuit flavours, and a long, lingering treacle toffee aftertaste.


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