The Liberator Wines

We’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Richard for many years now – not just from a shared passion of South African wine, but also out of mutual respect. His wines are always outstanding and his work on bringing these to the UK market, admirable. The Wright Wine Co always supported and worked with Richard – buying every ‘Episode’ to have been released and loved by both our trade and retail customers alike. Quantities are never huge, but new Episodes are always in the pipeline.

Who is Richard Kelley?

Over the past 25 years, Master of Wine, Richard Kelley has become one of the most respected authorities on South African wine in the UK and beyond. Between 1995 and 2002, he lived and worked in the Cape, witnessing the renaissance of the post-apartheid wine industry. Throughout this fruitful period, he established a healthy rapport with the great and the good of the local wine scene, affording him access to their distinguished cellars.

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