Square 1, Basil Vodka (Organic Rye) Idaho (Low Stock)

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In the world of cuisine, the sweet and savory quality of fresh basil has a long history. Now, many mixologists are using the flavor range and taste complexity that fresh basil brings to cocktails.

With cocktail creativity in mind, we take the herbal taste experience of fresh basil a step further. Square One Basil is infused with the essences of four basil varieties — Genovese, Thai, Lemon and Sweet — plus we add a touch of coriander, honeysuckle and lemongrass to round out the spirit and soften the finish. Try Square One Basil in Mediterranean or Asian cuisine inspired elixirs. And in the classic Bloody Mary, pour Square One Basil in place of straight vodka.

Tasting Notes

On tasting Square One Basil, the garden-fresh basil aroma mirrors the sweet earthiness of basil on the palate. The spirit is clean and bright with a soft hint of light black pepper, anise and citrus.

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