Two Birds, London Dry GinTwo Birds, London Dry Gin

Two Birds Gin was established in 2013 and draws its inspiration from our very own British countryside! Two Birds produces, amongst other spirits, a London Dry Gin which tries to keep faithful to the the classic gin style. Like other London Dry gins, Two Birds has not ventured down an experimental path but rather, it has done its best to uphold that classic juniper forward stance, with earthy notes and a touch of citrus. On the nose, there is an initial mixture of pine fresh juniper and Orris root. On first taste, the pine, earthy backbone prevails, with a touch of sweetness that looms later into a spicy note. The juniper maintains right into the finish, which is very smooth and delicate on the palate. Two Birds has a mineral quality to it, and the Orris lasts long after the gin has disappeared.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Premium Indian
Garnish: Orange Wedge

Alc by Vol: 40.0%

Bottle Type: 70cl


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