Spirit of Hven Gin, ORGANICSpirit of Hven Gin, ORGANIC

An Organic gin produced using an unusual method in comparison to other gin makers around the world. They pour this grain spirit over some of their botanicals in a large vat for at least 24 hours, allowing the fresh botanicals and spirit to infuse fully. The botanicals are then sieved out and the spirit is laid to rest in American oak casks for around 18 months. They are not making a barrel aged gin, they are just priming the spirit before it is distilled to give it additional character. Using locally picked juniper, other botanicals include grains of paradise, citrus, aniseed, Guinea pepper, Sichuan pepper, calamus root, cardamom, cassia, and Mauritian Bourbon vanilla. These flavours give this well-rounded gin a complex but soft gin profile. One of the world's smallest self-functioning distilleries, they make their own barrels, bottle their own product, pretty much do everything themselves, they are firstly a whisky company but also make gin and vodka.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Premium Indian
Garnish: Lemon & Rosemary or Thyme

Alc by Vol: 40.0%

Bottle Type: 50cl


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