Sikkim, Bilberry GinSikkim, Bilberry Gin

Prepared with a base of red tea made in the Tibetan region of Sikkim, a part of India famed for some of the best teas in the world. Using copper stills made in 1831 and an ideal distillation method with the perfect balance in the proportions of alcohol and essences they make an exciting range of gins. Sikkim Bilberry is a beautifully distilled gin with juniper, red tea, flower essences, blackberries, iris, blueberries, coriander, calamus and bitter orange skin. It provides a sweet fruity taste on the palate with the aroma of flowers.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Elderflower
Garnish: Bilberries

Alc by Vol: 40.0%

Bottle Type: 70cl


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