Hern Navy Strength Gin, SwedenHernö Navy Strength Gin, Sweden

Navy Strength Gin is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin. The difference is water. They dilute the Navy Strength Gin to 57% (of course) while Hernö Gin is diluted down to 40.5%. The difference regarding the sense of aroma and taste is however very clear. Hernö Navy Strength Gin gets bolder juniper, coriander, citrus and overall richer in flavour. The British royal navy demanded Navy Strength Gin when traditional gin strength ruined the gunpowder, which wouldn't ignite after being soaked by spilled gin.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Aromatic
Garnish: Lemon Zest & Blueberries

Alc by Vol: 57.0%

Bottle Type: 50cl


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