Filliers Gin, Dry Gin 28, Seasonal Tangerine EditionFilliers Gin, Dry Gin 28, Seasonal Tangerine Edition

The Belgian, citrus-forward gin features a recipe based on their Dry Gin 28, a Filliers' classic which stretched back to 1928. Using the finest tangerines from Valencia, Master Distiller Pedro Saez Del Burgo has composed an awesomely bold gin that bursts with sweet, bright citrus. This limited edition, small batch, copper pot-distilled gin is produced at the Filliers distillery, where top quality Genever and other spirits have been created under the watchful eye of 5 generations of the Filliers family for well over a century.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Mediterranean
Garnish: Ruby Red Grapefruit or Mandarin Wedge

Alc by Vol: 43.7%

Bottle Type: 50cl


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