Dodd's GinDodd's Gin

Most of the botanicals are steeped and distilled in "Christina", a traditional 140 litre capacity copper pot still, but more delicate botanicals are distilled in a cold distillation still called "Little Albion". The two distillates are married for several weeks before being bottled and hand labelled. At a smidgen under 50% this gin packs a flavoursome punch. Fresh, green leafy flavours combine well with pine juniper, subtle black tea and enlivening cardamom. The strength of flavour teamed with the alcoholic strength make this a definite G&T Gin rather than a cocktail Gin. 5 star Excellent rating Difford's
Tonic: Fever-Tree Elderflower
Garnish: Lemon Peel & Juniper Berries

Alc by Vol: 49.9%

Bottle Type: 50cl


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