Brockman's GinBrockman's Gin

This is distinctly different from the London Dry style. Marrying up beautifully with the blueberries and blackberries, this inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet Valencian oranges makes Brockmans a beautiful, intensely smooth gin. The ten botanicals, juniper, cassia bark, liquorice, Bulgarian coriander (giving it an almost gingery flavour), lemon and orange peel, angelica, Orris, almond, blueberries and blackberries are steeped in fine grain spirit for 24 hours to release their flavours, then distilled in traditional copper stills. Notes of coriander and citrus combine well with the softer tones of blueberry and blackberry creating a well-balanced, full flavoured gin that can be enjoyed just over ice. Garnish with an orange twirl with either blackberries or blueberries.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
Garnish: Blueberries & Pink Grapefruit Peel

Alc by Vol: 40.0%

Bottle Type: 70cl


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