Bobby's Schiedam Dry GinBobby's Schiedam Dry Gin

Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin is named after Jacobus Alfons, known to his friends and family as Bob or Bobby. The story begins when Bobby's grandson Sebastian discovered an old bottle at his mother's house. Inspired by the story about his grandfather and his unique Indonesian recipe he went to Schiedam, the city where gin originated. There he met the seventh generation master distiller of Herman Jansen. Together they started working on creating a unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam Genever with the best Indonesian botanicals and spices. It is a very fine and balanced distilled gin with eight botanicals all separately distilled. Bobby's has quite a distinct lemon flavour, serve it with Sicilian lemonade and you have refreshers in a glass! No additives, sugars or extractions, simply pure taste and a fresh take on a timeless classic.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Mediterranean
Garnish: Cloves Stubbed Orange Wedge

Alc by Vol: 42.0%

Bottle Type: 70cl


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