7 Dials, London Dry Gin7 Dials, London Dry Gin

This London dry gin is named after the famous crossroads in the St Giles parish of London. It is like taking a smooth sip of eighteenth century London, as it is big and ballsy, ripe with juniper, pungent herbs and citrus zest. This is a true Dickensian fare! Nose: Juniper infused double cream, leading to herbaceous touches of coriander and lavender before zesty aromatics take sway. Palate: Angelica and cardamom spice open the palate followed by a typhoon of fresh juniper, before dense earthy root notes emerge. Finish: The finish is gentle with fresh coriander and bay leaf making way to almond and tangy clementine zest.
Tonic: Fever-Tree Premium Indian
Garnish: Rhubarb & Clementine Peel

Alc by Vol: 46.0%

Bottle Type: 70cl


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