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Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically E-I

Whisky | Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically E-I:

EdradourHow can the smallest distillery in Scotland be the most visited distillery in Scotland, well put in near the major tourism town of Pitlochry and the world is your oyster.
Contributing the malt content to "The House of Lords Whisky", Edradour has always been a popular single malt. Purchased by Andrew Symington of Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky fame in 2002, the small distillery has gone from strength to strength, aided I am sure by the distillery shops rapid source of income. Great Edradour whisky cream liqueur too.
FettercairnI think the most exciting thing about Fettercairn whisky is that it was owned from 1974 untill 1988 by Lonhro, the amazing conglomerate run by the infamous Tiny Rowland, the dubious darling of the city during the seventies and eighties. The Marketing whisky boys decided in 2002 to change the name from Old Fettercairn to the rather non descript Fettercairn 1824 but now with a whole new face lift in 2010 with Fior, 24 y.o., 30 y.o. and 40 y.o. things are looking up!
Glen Albyn
Glen AlbynGlen Albyn was one of many distilleries that suffered in the whisky industry cull of the mid eighties – Glen Albyn was closed in 1983 and demolished in 1986. Glen Albyn is quite difficult to find appearing once as a Rare malt version and only occasionally from the whisky bottlers like Duncan Taylor or Douglas Laing. My advice to the whisky collectors is buy any expressions you can, there are far more bottlings of Port Ellen around then there are of Glen Albyn.
GlenallachieGlenallachie is one of the new distilleries on Speyside, having been built in 1967.
Glenallachie is a large distillery that really produces a workhorse whisky whose mainstay is the blended Scotch, Clan Campbell, the huge French Brand.
Very few bottles of Glenallachie whisky are available with only the odd distillery bottle from the eighties which now command serious money and an occasional independent bottle.
GlenburgieGlenburgie is yet another of Chivas Brothers Speyside whisky distilleries. Released only very occasionally as a distillery bottle, the last time being part of a set of 6 whiskies sold from only at the distillery. From 1958 until 1981, Glenburgie had Lomond stills in operation which produced a single malt called GlenCraig by the independent bottlers who sold it. We list this seperately under our a-z, perhaps incorrectly so please look there for some old and rare examples
GlencadamGlencadam whisky has been given a new lease of life by Angus Dundee Distillers after they acquired it in 2003. Glencadam's whisky was really only available from the independent whisky bottlers, until the release of the seriously good 10 and 15 year old whisky expressions. Douglas Laing have some awesome casks, in particular the very high Jim Murray Whisky Bible scoring, 1977 Glencadam.
GlencraigGlencraig's life was really quite short in the whisky world. Lomond stills were installed at Glenburgie distillery between 1958 and 1981, and the single malt whisky produced was called Glencraig. Rarely classed as a lost distillery, Glencraig is very difficult to find, and certainly one for the whisky collectors, it also is a great drinking whisky. Gordon & MacPhail and Duncan Taylor have bottled the lion's share.
Glendeveron (Macduff)
Glendeveron (Macduff)Built in 1962, the Macduff distillery is responsible for producing an official single malt by the name of Glen Deveron. The independent whisky bottlers sell the whisky under the distillery name of Macduff, few old expressions of this whisky exist.
GlendronachGlendronach whisky has been a favourite whisky here in Skipton, so we were over the moon when it was sold to the owners of BenRiach distillery. Applying the same magic, Billy Walker had at Benriach, the whisky of Glendronach will at last be given the promotion it deserves. Testament to the quality of Glendronach whisky, Julian still has a bottle of Glendronach 18 open from nearly 20 years ago for "high days and holidays".
GlendullanWith history dating back to 1896/1897, Glendullan now owned by Diageo, unfortunately does not have a lot to offer in terms of a 'good range' of aged whisky! Some 12 year old Flora and Fauna bottles may still be found, but now the core range consists of just 'The Singleton' bottled at 12 year old. However, if you can get your hands on either of the two Rare Malts Series bottles released in 1995 and 2005 they are well worth a sample.
Glen Elgin
Glen ElginJust a few miles south of Elgin lies the small village of Fogwatt, home to Glen Elgin distillery. Bottled for a time in the Flora and Fauna series it is now available, still as a 12 year old but in a smaller, dumpy bottle. A few limited editions have also been available and it has appeared as a single cask bottling in the new Manager's Choice range, released in 2009.
Glen Esk
Glen EskFounded in the east Highlands back in 1897 Glen Esk sadly closed in 1985 and the distillery was later dismantled (1996). Now owned by Diageo and used as a maltings.
It is extremely difficult to find official bottlings and independents are also becoming increasingly rare and more expensive. Released as 'Hillside' in the Rare Malts selection, on three occasions, the last ones have been selling at auction for £100's.

GlenfarclasGlenfarclas is the second oldest family-owned distillery in Scotland, owned by the J&G Grant family. With a fantastic range including the unmistakable '105', which has also been available as a forty year old, and not forgetting the 'Family Casks', a unique series of single cask bottlings from 43 consecutive years released in 2007 (1952 - 1994).
GlenfiddichIt has to be said here we are talking whisky on a huge scale! With sales back in 2008
totalling almost 12 million bottles it's no wonder Glenfiddich is number one in the UK, Export and World market share. Bottled in the distinct three-cornered bottle, which was introduced in 1957, the core range now consists of 12, 15, 18 and 21 years old. Limited editions and older expressions including the recent 50 year old are always worth seeking out.

Glen Garioch
Glen GariochNow operated by Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. wholly owned by Japanese company, Suntory this charming distillery lies west of Aberdeen. With a complete revamp of the range back in 2009 things are looking up! There's even talk of increasing capacity by recommissioning the third still which has not been used for some years now. Look out now for a nice dumpy bottle away from the 'tartan' and 'stag' of old.
GlenglassaughBack in the early 1900's the distillery closed and reopened on several occasions,
being finally mothballed in 1986. But, not doomed forever, bought in 2008 for £5m, it's back, with the first distillation taking place on 24th November 2008. Current bottles include Revival, Evolution and Torfa and old expressions being bottled as limited releases.
GlengoyneOriginally the 'Burnfoot' distillery before changing its name in 1905 - Glengoyne is currently owned by Ian Macleod Distillers. Besides the established core range, there is King Robert II, a blend which is number one whisky in Duty Free India.
With a number of limited editions over the years including the Stillmen, Mashmen and Managers' choices, an old favourite of Julian's - the 16 year old Scottish Oak will probably be the most remembered.
Glengyle (Kilkerran)
Glengyle (Kilkerran)Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown, has finally released its new single malt whisky called Kilkerran "work in Progress" as a five year old single malt. Despite being called Glengyle distillery, the whisky will only be available as Kilkerran, still being owned by the Springbank, Longrow, Hazelburn and Cadenheads Whisky Company will stand this new malt distillery in good stead.
Glen Grant
Glen GrantWith Glen Grant being the most sold single malt in the Italian market and 50% of production going into blends, especially Chivas Regal, it doesn't leave a lot for ourselves! The core range consists of a 10 and 16 year old and with a number of limited editions in the past couple of years including the Cellar Reserve 1992 thankfully increasing the choice.
Glen Keith
Glen KeithA young distillery, being founded by Chivas Brothers (Seagrams) back in 1957 and mothballed since 2000. Built on the site of old Mill of Keith corn mill, the malt was triple distilled but this was abandoned by the early 70's. Heavily peated whisky was also produced, then later bottled as Craigduff and Glenisla. The official 10 year old bottling is now difficult to come by .
GlenkinchieOne of the few remaining Lowland distilleries nestled in a village east of Edinburgh.
In 1988, Glenkinchie 10 year old became one of the selected six in the Classic Malt series. Remember the wooden plinth sat on the back of the bar in the local pub with the six bottles in there glory?..thankfully now there's a greater choice. Independent bottles are very rare but we have had Cadenhead's and Dewar Rattray in the past.

GlenlivetStarting life as a farm, Minmore farm, Glenlivet distillery has come along way. With capacity now increased to 8.5 million litres p.a. - 45% of which is sold in the USA alone. Always playing a lead role in the duty-free market, as well as having an extensive core range, various limited editions of exceptional quality including the 21 year old Archive and the new Nadurra Triumph are well worth a mention.

GlenlochyFort William in Scotland used to be home to two distilleries, Glenlochy and Ben Nevis. Sadly, Glenlochy closed back in 1983, being later semi-demolished in 1992
with various offices now covering the land. Bottled twice in the Rare Malts series, released 1995 and 1996, independent bottles are now you're only hope if you want to try a piece of history in your glass! with Signatory Vintage Company and Duncan Taylor bottlings being your best choice.
GlenlossieGlenlossie, with next door neighbour Mannochmore distillery is also home to Glenlossie Bonds - 10 warehouses with a capacity of 250,000 casks. The only official bottling available today is the 10 year old Flora and Fauna bottle and the malt has always been a part of the Haig blend along with other malts including Glenkinchie and Linkwood. A few older bottles from independents turn up now and again.
Glen Mhor
Glen MhorInverness, once home to various distilleries saw the close of Glen Mhor back in 1983, being demolished within three years. The only official bottlings again, like Glenlochy, were in the Rare Malts series, bottled as a 22 year old from 1979 and a 28 year old from 1976. Independent bottles have become increasingly rare but we are always grateful to Gordon and MacPhail for coming up with the goods.
GlenmorangieA household name in whisky terms! Bought for £300 million by Moet Hennessy back in 2004 along with Ardbeg and Glen Moray. They are renowned for their meticulous cask selection, even selecting its own trees in the Ozarks, Missouri before loaning its casks to be filled with Bourbon for four years before being brought to Scotland. Latest editions to the range include Sonnalta PX in a new series called the Private Collection.

Glen Moray
Glen MorayHaving been purchased by Moet Hennessy back in 2004, then a change of ownership in 2008 to La Martiniquaise it remains to be seen if the distillery will receive some well-deserved attention. La Martiniquaise has a huge concern in Bathgate, West Lothian called Glen Turner Distillery where they also make a blend, Label 5 all destined for the French market. Good luck Glen Moray!!
Glen Ord
Glen OrdLying in the Muir of Ord a major part of the site is used by the Glen Ord Maltings. One of four maltings, along side Roseisle, Burghead and Port Ellen, owned by Diageo, producing malt for several of their other distilleries. Once labelled in the Flora and Fauna series look out now for the flatter, square bottle in The Singleton range - also at 12 year old.

GlenrothesIn 1987 the chairman of Berry Brothers and Rudd, the owners of Cutty Sark Blend, suggested to Highland Distilleries that Glenrothes, with it being the signature malt of the Cutty Sark blend, should be launched as a single malt in order to create a link between the blend and its spiritual home. A 12 year old appeared but was drowned quickly within the market of other 12 year olds - thus the first 'vintage' statement bottle was born. Select Reserve and various vintages now make up the core range.
Glen Scotia
Glen ScotiaOne of only three distilleries left in Campbeltown, GlenScotia is owned by Loch Lomond Distillery Co. Renowned for being an un-peated whisky, peated whisky at 30ppm has been produced since 1999. The distillery is only currently running at about 15% capacity with a 12 year old, few peated expressions and some single cask limited editions making up the range
Glen Spey
Glen SpeyFounded in 1878 known as the Mill of Rothes it is currently owned by Diageo and one of four active distilleries in the town of Rothes in Speyside. Producing malt predominantly for the blended market, notably J&B.
Bottled as single malt, it is to be found as a 12 year old in the Flora and Fauna series with independent bottles being quite rare.
GlentauchersAnother distillery producing predominantly for the blending market - Buchanan's, Black and White and then with a change of ownership to Allied Distillers, Ballantine's and now under the wing of Chivas Brothers. With a rare, 15 year old, official distillery bottling launched back in 2000, which is now very hard to come by you have to rely on the independents if you want to try this malt, but don't worry, there's quite an abundance!
GlenturretWasn't it a shame when the 12, 15, 18 year and cream liqueur to name a few, all disappeared and what are we left with, from 'Scotlands Oldest Distillery' a miserly 10 year old topped up with occasional 'limited editions'. Visit the distillery and you can experience 'The Famous Grouse Experience, a visitor centre costing £2.5 million or you may see 'Towser' the cats successor, Amber.
GlenugieClose to Peterhead, on the east coast of Scotland, Glenugie once stood. Having closed back in 1983, then being later dismantled, it was never bottled, not at any age as an official distillery bottling and now independents are becoming increasingly difficult to find. You'll have to rely on Douglas Laing, Duncan Taylor and Signatory Vintage Company to come up with the goods.

Glenury Royal
Glenury RoyalPicture the east coast, south of Aberdeen and close to the fishing port of Stonehaven you would have found Glenury Royal distillery up until 1983, which was given the permission for the 'Royal' title by King William IV. With a couple of spectacular official bottlings released in recent years including a 36 year old and a 50 year old you could have also bought the whisky on three occasions when bottled in the Rare Malts series. Now becoming increasingly difficult to find
Hazelburn (Springbank)
Hazelburn (Springbank)Hazelburn is the triple distilled malt, a totally unpeated whisky that shares many characteristics with Irish whiskey. From the same owners as Campbeltown's famous Springbank malt whisky distillery as well as Longrow, Glengyle/Kilkerran and the independent bottle, Cadenheads whisky Company.
Highland Park
Highland ParkOnce home to eight legal distilleries the island of Orkney now houses just two, Highland Park and Scapa. Highland Park's history dates back to 1798 built in Kirkwall the islands capital. The core range is quite extensive and limited editions can be hard to get you hands on but always worth trying to seek out. These have included Ambassador's Casks, Earl Magnus and Rebus.

ImperialImperial has been mothballed since 1998, with an un-settled history up until then.
With the current owners, Chivas Brothers (Pernod Ricard) having re-opened two of their closed distilleries, Imperial is one of three left (Glen Keith & Caperdonich) which remain mothballed.
Their dunnage warehouses are empty and an official 15 year old, released several years ago was the only chance of trying this malt…..another one to rely on the independents for.
InchgowerAside from the 14 year old Flora and Fauna bottle a great proportion is used in one of the most famous blends in the whisky world - Bell's. Also bottled twice in the Rare Malts Series, first in 1997 as a 22 year old and then again in 2004 from a 1976 distillation at 27 year old. With a 77/100 in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, not the greatest of scores, perhaps it's worth looking out for a Douglas Laing or other independent bottling
Inchmurrin (Loch Lomond)
Inchmurrin (Loch Lomond)Produced at Loch Lomond Distillery, Inchmurrin comes bottled at 4 and 12 year old. Loch Lomond distillery is quite unique in the fact it produces both single malt and single grain whisky. Inchmoan, Inchfad, Craiglodge, Croftengea, Old Rhosdhu, Glen Douglas and Loch Lomond, besides Inchmurrin all coming from the same distillery.

InverlevenWhen Ballantine's distillery complex at Dumbarton was demolished back in 2002 Inverleven was lost. The complex operated a column still making grain whisky and two-pot still houses, one of which produced Inverleven malt up until 1991 - another Lowlander lost forever! There was never any official bottlings but there have been some good, well-aged independents
Isle of Jura
Isle of JuraOwned by Whyte & Mackay since 1993 , Jura Distillery is built in Craighouse, Isle of Jura - neighbouring Islay. From the sixties up until 1999, the distillery had always produced an un-peated malt, but now, both a heavily peated and un-peated are produced. The peated is included in 'Superstition' which makes up part of the core range. Limited editions have included Earth, Fire, Air and Water and the Paps of Jura.

Whisky | Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically E-I:

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